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about LiveMixer


LiveMixer is designed through current-gen content creators, who need motherboards with great connectivity for streaming and other auxiliary devices. Also, its reliable performance allows us to provide wonderful contents and budget our time.


Users will never run short. Hook up every peripheral, whether it’s mice, keyboards, microphones, headsets, multiple cameras, fill-lights, macropads, and much more.

Content Creation

Various content creator needs motherboards with superb reliability, cutting-edge performance and an extended connectivity mix for the many auxiliary devices.

- Content Creator
- Video Editing
- Photo Editor
- Game Development

Multiple Streaming Devices

We tested many video capture devices with different interfaces in order to provide the most stable system for content creators.

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* To make sure that AVerMedia device works properly, please update the latest firmware and software via the AssistCentral application from AVerMedia official site and restart the system.

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Effectiveness and Uniqueness

Provides stability and unique features enhancing effectiveness.

  • 14 + 2 + 1 power phase with Smart Power Stage(SPS) and Nichicon 12K capacity.

    14 + 2 + 1 power phase with Smart Power Stage(SPS) and Nichicon 12K capacity.

    Optimized VRM design for solid performance

    Featuring sturdy components and completely smooth power delivery to the CPU. Plus, it offers unmatched overclocking capabilities and enhanced performance with the lowest temperature for advanced gamers as well.



    Dr.MOS design features the latest SPS (Smart Power Stage) technology. It’s optimized for monitoring current and temperature of each phase, thus delivering smoother and neater power to the CPU with enhanced performance and OC capability.
    * Vcore only


    Offers 20% longer lifespans and provides more stability and reliability.
    * VRM only

    2oz Copper PCB

    2 ounce copper inner layers that provide stable signal traces and power shapes! Delivering lower temperature and higher energy efficiency for overclocking.

  • Blazing M.2[PCIe Gen5 x4]

    Blazing M.2[PCIe Gen5 x4]

    Blazing Fast Data Transfer and Great Heat Dissipation

    Accommodates the latest PCI Express 5.0 standard to perform twice the bandwidth compared to previous generation, with a breathtaking 128Gb/s transfer speed.


    Lower the temperature of your high-speed SSD to perform better and more stably.


    Tired of dropping screws or screws missing inside chassis? The enhanced M.2 heatsink with anti-drop screw design makes installation process more easily and eliminates risk of missing screw and could be installed easily.

  • DDR5 EXPO & XMP Support

    DDR5 EXPO & XMP Support

    Extreme Memory Overclocking
    DDR5 EXPO & XMP Support

    Derived from the “built for stable and reliable” designing concept, ASRock does not compromise on any details. All B650 motherboards are built with 8-Layer PCB design, enthusiasts are able to enjoy the boost of DDR5 memory overclocking performance up to 6400MHz and beyond by enabling the pre-tested profiles. Make sure the memory modules are AMD EXPO™/ Intel® XMP capable and overclocking can be made so affordable, satisfying and absolutely no sweat at all.

    * There are certain risks involved with memory overclocking and may affect your system’s stability. Please realize that overclocking should be done at your own risk and expense. EXPO/XMP profile support may vary by difference system configuration, memory modules and motherboard models. Please refer to Memory QVL for the completed support list.

  • Blazing OC Tuner

    Blazing OC Tuner

    Extreme CPU Overclocking
    Blazing OC Tuner

    The Blazing OC Tuner allows AM5 CPU to switch between OC mode and PBO(Precision Boost Overdrive) mode when the CPU current hits threshold. Anything above current threshold will engage manual OC mode; if below current threshold then will engage Precision Boost Overdrive mode. This idea is to combine overclocking on all cores and automatic boost on a single core to get the best performance out of your CPU. There is no need to enter BIOS to setup up, you can modify all the settings on time under OS.

  • Lightning Gaming Ports

    Lightning Gaming Ports

    Mice/Keyboard control with lower jitter and latency
    Lightning Gaming Ports

    Aimed for die hard gamers and enthusiasts! Lightning Gaming Ports are sourced from two different controller interfaces that assist gamers in connecting the high speed mice/keyboard with the lower jitter and latency!

    Lightning Gaming Ports
  • Ultra USB Power

    Ultra USB Power

    Stable power and better sound experience!
    Ultra USB Power

    Provides stable power and better sound experience! Ultra USB Power provides 5V power transformed from +12V power rail, whose voltage drop will be much lower than the +5V from the PSU under heavy loading, and prevents noise from other devices or RGB LED.

  • Dual PCIe x4 Slots & Thunderbolt Header

    Dual PCIe x4 Slots & Thunderbolt Header

    Provides great connectivity for the use of capture card and Thunderbolt AIC at the same time.
    Dual PCIe x4 Slots & Thunderbolt Header

    Provides great connectivity for the use of capture card and Thunderbolt AIC at the same time.

  • 8 Layers PCB

    8 Layers PCB

    Thermal and Performance Optimized
    8 Layers PCB

    The 8 layers PCB prevents PCB bending and improves signal integrity as well as system stability, giving a reliable and long-lasting system without any compromise.

Features Make Better

Optimizes your user experience.

  • DDR5 Memory

    DDR5 Memory

    Supports DDR5 memory with max. 128GB capacity.
  • 23 USB Ports

    23 USB Ports

    Provides great connectivity to multiple USB devices.
  • Dragon 2.5G LAN

    Dragon 2.5G LAN

    Fulfills requirement of content creators and high-quality streaming media.
  • Polychrome Sync

    Polychrome Sync

    Allows users to synchronize RGB LED devices and create their own unique lighting effects.
  • Nahimic Audio

    Nahimic Audio

    Offers you the most engaging listening experience, vibrant and rich with details.
  • Auto Driver Installer

    Auto Driver Installer

    Allow users to download and install all necessary drivers automatically.
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