Hybrid Booster - Safe Overclocking

A new overclocking technology concerning both performance and safety.

In order to provide advanced performance, the Hybrid Booster provides the CPU Multiplier, CPU Vcore voltage adjustment, CPU Frequency Stepless control, and AGP/PCI Frequency control features.

With the CPU Multiplier, power user could change the processor multiplier setting to get the best performance of CPU speed. The CPU Vcore adjustment helps to power up the CPU core voltage to support the CPU overdrive demand. The CPU Frequency Stepless control provides the CPU clock frequency upward/downward adjustment interface. The AGP/PCI Frequency control provides the interface of AGP/PCI frequency value setting.

However, to perform overclocking is at risk of hardware damage and boot failure. With two safety features, "ASRock U-COP" and "Boot Failure Guard", Hybrid Booster will minimize the risk of overclocking.

ASRock U-COP helps protect the CPU from overheating while the CPU frequency or core voltage is overdriven.

The Boot Failure Guard will automatically issue the safe boot up mode when improper overclocking settings result in system boot failure.

Under the double safety protections and with performance enhancement, Hybrid Booster is definitely a Safe Overclocking design for you.

Some overclocking features might be disabled while the chipset doesn't support. For detailed overclocking support information please visit our web site www.asrock.com.

Advanced skills are needed to perform the overclocking feature properly; improper operation will cause permanent damage to the CPU or other system devices.

The information of the latest CPU Support list is available on our web site www.asrock.com.