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Question (Q&A-116|390): I cannot install Windows 7, 8 to my NVMe storage. What should I do?(3/1/2015)
Question (Q&A-106|351): My eSATA device cannot be detected by ASMedia SATA3 controller on Z87 platforms. How do I solve this problem?(9/1/2013)
Question (Q&A-102|339): I keep getting the BSOD when I'm installing ASMedia SATA3 driver. How can I install ASMedia SATA3 driver on Windows 8?(2/1/2013)
Question (Q&A-101|333): Why can't the system detect my HDDs when I'm installing Windows XP?(1/1/2013)
Question (Q&A-101|331): I built a RAID 0 volume and want to install an operation system on this RAID volume. How big should I set the sector size so I can install the operation system?(1/1/2013)
Question (Q&A-99|326): I want to use TRIM function for RAID. Which system supports TRIM for RAID 0?(11/1/2012)
Question (Q&A-95|314): When I set SATA as RAID or AHCI mode, I can not view S.M.A.R.T values with some utility like AIAX64 or CrystalDiskInfo, why?(5/1/2012)
Question (Q&A-88|292): I would like to use WD SmartWare software for system backup, but when ASRock Xfast USB is enabled, WD Smartware does not work. What can I do?(9/1/2011)
Question (Q&A-86|289): I install Microsoft Windows OS in GPT mode and Ubuntu in MBR mode with two different HDD, and I cannot boot into Microsoft Windows OS, how to solve that?(6/1/2011)
Question (Q&A-83|279): I would like to install Windows® 7 x64 with GPT format HDD, is there anything I should have done before doing so?(3/14/2011)
Question (Q&A-81|273): Why the MarvellTray.exe dialog box always show up while system boot into Windows® 7 x64 every time?(12/30/2010)
Question (Q&A-79|266): I adopt Samsung HD323HJ / HD502HJ / HD503HI / HD103SJ / HD105SI HDD to AMD® SB850 chipset motherboard, but when I start system, the HDD did not spin up. How should I do?(5/6/2010)
Question (Q&A-79|265): I have a WD Advanced Format HDD (Western Digital) in my system. The system freezes, Windows® installation cannot find the HDD, or I have low transfer speeds. How can I solve it?(5/6/2010)
Question (Q&A-72|248): When I plug in an eSATA HDD, it can be recognized in the BIOS. But in the OS, it will show a massage "Storage Device Connected". And I can not use this eSATA HDD, ether. How can I fix it?
Question (Q&A-70|244): When I create a RAID volume over 2TB capacity, the RAID volume cannot be recognized after installing the RAID driver during XP installation. Why?(1/12/2009)
Question (Q&A-51|195): I am using the ConRoeXFire-eSATA2/ 775XFire-eSATA2+/ 775XFire-eSATA2/ 775XFire-VSTA/ 775XFire-RAID motherboard. My Operating system was installed in a SATA/ SATA2 HDD with "IDE" mode. When I install the SATA2 driver (Intel® Matrix Storage Manager), system always pops an error message "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing this software". Why?
IDE mode (In BIOS setup):

SATA2 driver:

Error Message:
Question (Q&A-47|185): During the POST, there is a number "0075" or "0078" showed at the right corner of the screen, and the system stop for a long time. What can I do?(10/20/2006)
Question (Q&A-44|177): I'm using a SATA HDD. My computer was running fine. But one day I turn on my computer, it keeps restarting itself after Windows® Logo page (at startup). Do you have any idea what possibility causes this?(7/21/2006)
Question (Q&A-33|145): My SATA HD is WD 800JD. But the HDD cannot be detected by VIA 8237/8237R based motherboards. How do I solve it?(7/15/2005)
Question (Q&A-32|141): I would like to use a big capacity Hard Disk on ASRock motherboard. I wonder how large of capacity can ASRock motherboard support at most?(6/23/2005)
Question (Q&A-29|131): When I use a Maxtor 250GB hard drive on my ASRock motherboards, the operating system Windows® 2000 or XP only recognizes 128 GB or 137GB. How should I fix this problem?(3/21/2005)
Question (Q&A-27|122): My hard drives are Maxtor Diamond MAX 10 and MaxLine III SATA 250 GB and 300 GB with 16 MB cache buffer. My hard drives can not be detected correctly during the POST, what can I do?(1/18/2005)
Question (Q&A-27|123): If I use a SATA HDD and an IDE HDD together on P4i65GV, how do I boot from SATA HDD?(1/18/2005)
Question (Q&A-20|100): I have an Intel ICH5 chipset based motherboard. I found that my SATA hard drive is not recognized under Linux. What should I do?(6/11/2004)
Question (Q&A-20|99): I have installed 1 SATA HDD and 1 IDE HDD (or SCSI card with SCSI HDD) on my P4i48 motherboard, how can I select IDE HDD (or SCSI HDD) in the Boot Device Priority?(6/11/2004)
Question (Q&A-19|96): My hard drive is 160 GB, when I install Windows 2000 or Windows XP, I can only see 137 GB. However, when I install this 160 GB hard drive on the ATA 133 RAID card, I can use whole 160 GB. What's wrong?(5/15/2004)
Question (Q&A-18|91): I bought a new large size (80GB) HDD. After I installed it to my ASRock M/B, the BIOS only recognized it as a 32GB HDD. How can I get the full capacity of the HDD?(4/15/2004)
Question (Q&A-14|77): I want to use the hot plug feature with my SATA HDD. What requirements do I need to know?(12/12/2003)
Question (Q&A-13|67): I'm using Intel chipset based motherboard. After installing Win98SE and all drivers, the data transfer rate from IDE devices (HDD or CDROM) seems not fast enough. Is there any thing I can do?(11/14/2003)
Question (Q&A-1|1): Why can't I boot up my system with one hard drive on primary IDE and an optical device (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, CD-RW, etc...) on secondary IDE If connecting the hard drive/optical device as the secondary drive?(10/29/2002)
Question (Q&A-1|5): I have a drive that is larger than 137 GB but the operating system only recognizes 128 GB or 137 GB. How can I fix this?(10/29/2002)