ASRock Phantom Gaming Series Graphics Card Business Statement

A leading global motherboard and graphics card manufacturer, ASRock, announced entering the graphics card market with the Phantom Gaming range – a strong line up of AMD Radeon™ RX500 series graphics card in April 2018. Initially, ASRock will roll out graphics card business in various regions based on internal planning. Regions with first priorities are APAC and Latin America. Then ASRock will gradually launch the business in other regions. Thanks for all media friends recently putting attention on our Phantom Gaming graphic card business and giving them massive coverages.

X299E-ITX/ac, Computex: Best Choice

X299E-ITX/ac, Computex: d&i award

X399M Taichi, TechPowerUp: Editor's Choice

X399M Taichi, Chiphell: Recommended

Fatal1ty H370 Performance, Gold / Recommended

Phantom Gaming X Radeon RX580 8G OC, TechPowerUp: Highly Recommended

X299M Extreme4, Gold / Recommended

X299M Extreme4, Chiphell: Recommended

X399M Taichi, OverClocked inside: Innovation

X470 Master SLI, HKEPC: Editor's Choice

H370 Pro4, Recommended

Z370 Killer SLI, ProClockers: Recommended

X399M Taichi, Funky Kit: Editor's Choice

H310M-HDV, Gold

X370 Pro4, KitGuru: Worth Considering

X299 Killer SLI/ac, Funky Kit: Recommended

H370M-ITX/ac, TechPowerUp: Highly Recommended

X470 Taichi, KitGuru: Worth Buying

AB350M Pro4, Funky Kit: Editor's Choice

X399 Taichi, Recommended

Fatal1ty H370 Performance, HKEPC: Best Buy

Fatal1ty H370 Performance, TweakTown: Best Performance

X299 Extreme4, Funky Kit: Recommended

H370M-ITX/ac, PC Ekspert: Recommended

  OH YES! Have been wishing for ASRock to step into the GPU market for years Always loved their beautiful motherboard designs and amazing price/features ratio Always wanted to see what they could come up with if they were to make GPUs So happy to see this, really looking forward to what we getHenderik Strydom
  Now we need a taichi edition gpu to go along with the boards would go fine my x370 taichiKen Pachi
  I have loved ASRock Motherboards for years and have used them in my last 4 builds I can't wait to see what comes out of thisBigBossRobin
  Jesus did I just watch a Transformers trailer or something lol, I love it thoNeoBlue
  My next build will be an AMD & ASrock mobo and Graphics Card!miyagi ryota