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There're some ASRock motherboards that also bring the perfect components and combos to make your rig become a mining base. ASRock is the pioneer in mining industry and is really the home for your mining gears. We've been offered the best bits of both the Intel and AMD chipsets.

ASRock's top-end motherboards are not only designed for professional gamers and PC enthusiasts, there's a couple of extra goodies thrown in too to perfectly satisfy mining experts.

12 Power Phase Design

Digi Power

Nichicon 12K Platinum Caps

Simply update BIOS, follow up the suggested BIOS settings and get started mining with ASRock's top-end motherboards.
Z170 Extreme6
Z170 Gaming K6

[*1] Please set PCIe configuration to Gen2 speed under Linus OS (Auto mode is not recommended).
[*2] Please set PCIe configuration to Gen1 speed under Windows OS (Auto mode is not recommended).